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When we read, the texts we go through can fall into two broad categories. Let us read literary texts such as novels, short stories, philosophy or poetry, or read “technical” texts, which means specialized texts in any field of knowledge, whether we are talking about humanities or exact sciences. The same kind of information processing is done if we read from the psychology or legal manual, but also if we read economics or computer programming. Optimized fast reading helps you to read faster but also to understand fully and deeper both types of text above mentioned.

The speed reading training is based on certain characteristics of the human brain and eyes, together with our memory, which can be optimized and taken advantage of by anybody who wishes this. There are 5 valid scientific arguments that show us how fast reading is accessible to anyone. You can read bellow a brief description of this 5 arguments.

1. The path for processing the meaning of written information is different to the path for processing visual features (e.g. shape, color etc.). The path for processing the meaning of information is dominant, which means that we automatically allocate the most…

Speed Reading is a method that consists in reading the whole text, word-by-word or in groups of adjoining words at a speed higher than 500 words per minute (wps). The usual reading speed is about 250 wps. Optimized speed reading starts at 900–1000 wps.

Read and discover in this article what are the differences between common reading, fast reading and optimized fast reading. What is characteristic of these three ways to read is how it unfolds. Each of us has his own way of reading and this is kept unchanged whether we read normally, quickly or quickly optimized. …

1st Graphic — Reading Speed at DEMO

The data presented in this article was gathered using SpeeRead, an expert training system for optimized speed reading. This article purpose is to demonstrate the statistic reality of some statements that you will find in many places about average reading performances. The data gathered from SpeeRead came from sources:

  1. Demo test and questionnaire with 395 valid results, gathered from those users that tested the training platform
  2. Test and questionnaire 1, 2 and 3 with 216 valid results, gathered from those users that started to learn speed reading using one of the training programs

Let’s see first the graphic representation of…

Management of information through optimized speed reading

Optimized speed reading is a technique which consists in reading a text fully, word by word, at a speed higher than 500 words per minute (wpm). The usual reading speed is of about 250 wpm. A trained reader can reach a speed of up to 500 wpm. We can break this barrier if we train by using purposefully designed techniques. Using fast reading optimize understanding, memorizing and learning processes. Optimal reading starts at 900–1000 wpm.

Speed reading is not a text skimming method. Skimming implies only going through the aspects of a text which are considered relevant, in an attempt…

Calin Dragoman

Psychologist, MSc.

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